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How to Find Inspiration for Art

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The best art pieces are created when artists are inspired. One of the struggles that artists face regularly is how to find inspiration for art. Some admit that they always feel like they want to give up on their art when they do not have any motivation. Finding Inspiration * Check work by other artists: You can easily be inspired… Read more »

The World’s Most Famous Art Pieces

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Here are the world’s most famous pieces of art, in no order of preference. Mona Lisa Hardly will you find a list of art pieces that skips this masterpiece by the Italian great Leonardo da Vinci. The painting is believed to be an illustration of the wife of a famous Florentine merchant. Some have also suggested that it is da… Read more »

Most Unusual and Bizarre Furniture Designs

Azure Furniture as Art 02 176x176 - Most Unusual and Bizarre Furniture Designs

When shopping for furniture, there are various factors to consider, including the design, style, level of comfort, available space, and price. Nowadays, products come in different designs that have adapted to the tastes and preferences of almost everybody, and furniture including beds, chairs, tables, desks, and sofas, among others, are among these products. If looking for a bizarre furniture design… Read more »

How to Pull Off a Modern Interior Decor Project Like a Pro

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The modern design style is, in most cases, confused with contemporary. This is one of the mistakes any interior designer worth their title must always avoid. While the latter is all about the now and the trends in the present world, the former simply means something that has already passed. Modern interior spaces are characterized by simplicity. Useful Tips When… Read more »