The World’s Most Famous Art Pieces

Here are the world’s most famous pieces of art, in no order of preference.

Mona Lisa

Hardly will you find a list of art pieces that skips this masterpiece by the Italian great Leonardo da Vinci. The painting is believed to be an illustration of the wife of a famous Florentine merchant. Some have also suggested that it is da Vinci’s mother. Regardless, everyone agrees that the Mona Lisa is one of the most recognizable pieces of art the world has ever seen.2020  1583898175. large - The World's Most Famous Art Pieces

Starry Night

This timeless piece of art by Vincent Van Gogh depicts the view from his room during his stay at a sanatorium. Van Gogh used his brush to create swirls of colour to produce this masterpiece that keeps finding itself in walls, mugs and bags to date, a clear indication of its unwaning popularity.

The Last Supper

Da Vinci once again appears in this list for his depiction of Jesus and his 12 disciples at the last supper. The art has strong Christian connotation, but make no mistake, the Last Supper has attracted rave reviews even from the non-religious.


The ravages of war are clearly depicted by Pablo Picasso in this masterpiece. Hitler’s bombing of the Spanish town of Guernica prompted Picasso to draw the pain and anguish suffered by the town inhabitants. It was a form of protest against the loss of civilian life in mindless war. Picasso’s work still rings a bell in today’s world. And that is a distinctive feature of great art.