Different Forms of Art

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A wide range of human activities that involve imagination and creativity to come up with visual or audio artifacts is regarded as art. There are many categories of art with different meanings and roles they play in society, including the following.


This type of art dates back to thousands of years ago when there was no civilization. Today, we can marvel at cave paintings and wonder how they did it without paintbrushes or the paint itself. This is a classic case of creativity. People used whatever material was available such as animal fat, charcoal, and even dirt, mixed with water to make a paste.1260 music - Different Forms of Art


This distinctive form of art involves using different materials such as clay, wood, marble, or stone to produce a long-lasting piece. Clay is molded then taken through fire to harden it. Modern sculptures involve chipping away at wood or stone to make a fine, durable work of art.


This is a unique form of art that employs audio and visual aspects. Music has been part of our lives from time immemorial. Thousands of years ago, people made music out of animal horns and even plant products such as bamboo stems.


One of the oldest forms of art is the theater that was first introduced in Greece but quickly spread out to the rest of the world. Theater encompasses other forms of art such as music and dance. The actors are all dressed in specially designed costumes depending on the character they want to depict.