How to Develop Creative Thinking

Creative thinking is actually the ability to look at things from a whole new perspective. It is the capacity to devise new ways of doing things. Anyone can learn and develop creative thinking skills. Here are some tips to help you develop creative thinking.

Gather Available Information

This is the first important step as it serves as a guide to understanding the composition of the challenge at hand. There are many sources where you can find information, most potent being the day shutterstock cra2studio - How to Develop Creative Thinking

Examine the Obvious Solution

It is essential to find out the obvious solution as this helps you develop more ideas on the challenge. Again, by studying the apparent answer, you might create a more lasting and effective solution.


This is the process of thinking deep and wide on possible solutions. Consider all options from the weakest to the strongest and compile a list of the answers. You can now eliminate some and remain with the most feasible solutions to a problem.

Unravel the Connections

Therefore, some issues are closely related, and it is wise to examine how the connection will eventually help develop a successful solution. Make a list of the ideas you have combined and eliminate those not related.

Apply the Solutions

Use the solutions you developed from the combined list and test the results to see which one is most effective